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Assorted pralines, Gifts

Our pralines consist of a chocolate shell with a softer, sometimes liquid, filling, traditionally made of different combinations of hazelnut, almonds, sugar, syrup and often milk-based pastes. These high-fat, low-melting point chocolates are at the luxury end of our chocolate and represent an important product of all types of Chocolate.




Our chocolates (pralines) are not limited to the traditional praline filling and often include nuts, marzipan, salted caramel, coffee, a spirit, cream liqueur, cherry or a chocolate blend that contrasts with the outer shell. They are often sold in styled boxes in the form of a gift box which are suitable for all events.




After all, Fine Belgian Chocolates are still the most welcomed gift, by so many people.

The wonderful presentation of our Chocolate gift boxes gives you and your customers a substantial advantage towards the competition all over the world, specially when it comes to quality and good taste.  




The fact that we do care for the source of our chocolate raw materials gives us the ability of adapting a high quality and taste and that's our customers' requirements and expectations as usual.


May we invite you to have a closer look at our collections?



Pralines Bulk & Private Label

Modern day New pralines are not very different than the ones made one hundred years ago. The common factors are dairy, sugar, and nuts. Some people use dry or evaporated milk; others use vanilla, maple, and sometimes broken bits of pecans. Since 1982, our pralines are made simply of fresh milk, cream, butter, sugar, and best choice of nuts  halves the traditional way, each one scooped by hand to cool on a marble slab. And although many shops, ours included, make an array of flavors -from the original natural flavor is just tasty, and the one you should try first.

You can choose chocolates from our wide selection to match your shop concept. We can also offer support in design and printing of packing material through our reliable business partners. We can provide extensive selection of bulk and pre-packed chocolates whether you up to offer our brand in your chocolate shop or to develop your own chocolate brand. Our Sales advisers can help you create tempting chocolate selection which will help you gain and maintain clients. Our chocolate shapes are diverse. You can choose from several sizes and shapes for your chocolate arrangements according to your requirements and shop concept.


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